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Characters & Voice Actors. Higurashi, Kagome. Main. Yukino, Satsuki. Japanese. Stori, Moneca. English. De Bortoli, Federica. Italian List of All Inuyasha Characters, Best to Worst Sesshomaru. InuYasha. Kagome Higurashi. Sango. Miroku. Rin. Koga. Shippo. Kagura. Kaede. Kohaku. Totosai. Kanna. Grandpa. Bankotsu. Jaken. Kirara. Naraku. Myōga. Jinenji. Souta Higurashi. Jakotsu. Nodoka Higurashi. Kikyo. Ayame.. Main Characters. Inuyasha; Supporting Characters. Sesshomaru; Naraku and his Incarnations; The Band of Seven; Other Villains; Filler, Movies, and Video Games Characters; Yashahime: Princess Half-Demo 1 Hanyō 2 Yōkai 3 Menschen 4 Söldner 5 Verstorbene 6 Männlich 7 Weiblich 8 Hauptcharaktere 9 Nebencharaktere 10 Abkömmling

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  1. The number of enemies and characters faced in InuYasha is a vast sea and the debate goes on about which enemies posed the greatest threat to the main characters of the show, but when compared to each other, the results are much more fun because each character possess their own unique attributes and abilities that serve completely different purposes
  2. Shippo is also considered one of Inuyasha's most popular characters for his cuteness and chibiness. Shippo, like Inuyasha, is an orphan, and the two often fight like siblings. Miroku - Even though Miroku is a lecherous monk, Inuyasha clearly respects Miroku for his skills, powers, and knowledge
  3. or InuYasha characters. Abi-hime (Princess Abi) - Species: Bird yōkai. Group: None. A humanoid bird demon, Princess Abi controls bird demons with which she uses to collect blood to save her mother, a giant.
  4. Inuyasha Main Character Index Main Characters | Supporting Characters | Naraku and Incarnations | The Band of Seven | Other Villains | Filler, Movies, and Video Games Characters | Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon AlliesMyogaVoiced by: Kenichi Ogata
  5. Have you ever wondered how InuYasha characters would look like in real life? In this video I'll show you.I hope you enjoy it, if you liked the video, give it..

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Characters, voice actors, producers and directors from the anime InuYasha on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. Based on the Shogakukan award-winning manga of the same name, InuYasha follows Kagome Higurashi, a fifteen-year-old girl whose normal life ends when a demon drags her into a cursed well on the grounds of her family's Shinto shrine InuYasha the Movie: Swords of an Honorable Ruler. 15 characters assigned. InuYasha the Movie: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass. 18 characters assigned. Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon. 14 characters assigned. Kagome Higurashi. CV: Satsuki Yukino. Inuyasha

Characters. InuYasha (犬夜叉, InuYasha) InuYasha is a hanyō, the product of an inu-yōkai (犬妖怪, inu-yōkai? dog demon) and a human. He wields the Tessaiga, a supernatural sword made from one of his deceased father's fangs. This sword, when properly wielded, can destroy one hundred demons with a single swing Inuyasha is the titular main male protagonist of Rumiko Takahashi's manga/anime series, Inuyasha. He is a half demon hybrid who is tasked with searching for the pieces of the sacred jewel after he is freed by Kagome Higurashi. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Past 4 Story 5 Skills 6 Trivi

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  1. Inuyasha characters shrinking story. by IYSaotome. Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Fanfiction · # 1200111. Characters from the series Inuyasha shrink in size.. Intro Rated: E. Size: 444 Chapters. Created: January 8th, 2007 at 7:58 pm. Modified: March 27th, 2021 at 5:33 pm. Paging: Previous Item · Next Item
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  3. 173 images (& sounds) of the InuYasha cast of characters. Photos of the InuYasha (Show) voice actors
  4. or anime and manga characters from the series InuYasha. Like many other works by the creator Rumiko Takahashi, InuYasha has a very large cast of characters. The list is in alphabetical order. Amari Nobunaga A young warrior wandering the land, was sent to rescue Princess Tsuyu, the beautiful daughter of Takeda Shingen when Shingen discovers that her husband has been.
  5. This is quiz what the characters think of you. This is quiz what the characters think of you . Sign up Log in. Home Stories Quizzes Create Profile. Settings Language. What do the InuYasha Characters think of you. Foxie BadGirl. 1. 8. Hello, This is my first quiz. First question out of these what your favorite c...color ? *Hides behind.
  6. Inuyasha: What would you do Sango (glares at Sango). Sango: I would kill the demons then smack the half DOG-demon upside the head for getting in trouble in the first place. I would do the same as Sango. Inuyasha needs to stop picking fights. Pretend to help the demons then in the last second help the half-demon

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Inuyasha () is a fictional character appearing in Rumiko Takahashi's manga series Inuyasha and its anime adaptation as its title character. 1 Biography 2 Concept and creation 3 Characteristics 4 Background 5 Reception 6 References Inuyasha is a hybrid of human and yōkai who first appears sealed to a tree in the feudal world. When a girl named Kagome Higurashi is being chased by a yōkai. Featured Article of the Month: Seireitou Kawahiru (川昼の精霊頭, Kawahiru Seireitō), feared throughout the land by his full title as Silver-haired Seireitou, Warlord of the Northern Lands, is a powerful yōkai and the adoptive son of the Great Dog Demon.Similar to his step-siblings, Inuyasha and Sesshōmaru, he wields the third sword of their father's fang, the Sō'unga

Inuyasha is the main character of the series. Aged at 15 in appearance and mindset. Born to a dog demon father and human mother, Inuyasha is a half-dog demon who initially wants to use the power of the Sacred Shikon Jewel to become a full-fledged demon like his brother, Sesshomaru Looking for information on the anime InuYasha? Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. Based on the Shogakukan award-winning manga of the same name, InuYasha follows Kagome Higurashi, a fifteen-year-old girl whose normal life ends when a demon drags her into a cursed well on the grounds of her family's Shinto shrine Which Inuyasha Character Are You? Inuyasha is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi. The series begins with a fifteen-year-old girl Kagome Higurashi. After falling into a well in her family shrine, she is transported to the Sengoku period's era, where she meets the half-dog demon, half-human Inuyasha

Main characters Edit Inuyasha Edit. The title character of the series. He is a half-demon (han'yō in Japanese). His father was a great demon general and the ruler of the western lands, and his mother was a human princess who opposed social standards Inu no Taisho is a fictional character from the InuYasha series. He is the father of Sesshoumaru and InuYasha. Inu no Taisho is actually a rank that stands for General of the Dogs. Most people refer him as The Great Dog Demon. He is assumed to be more than 3,000 years old, but this is not confirmed 52 Mobile Walls 18 Art 22 Images 44 Avatars. 4K Ultra HD InuYasha (Character) Wallpapers. Sorting Options (currently: Highest Rated) Finding Wallpapers. 1926x1243 - Anime - InuYasha. TorinoGT. 138 73,190 21 0. InuYasha Kikyô. 6966x5046 - Anime - InuYasha Inuyasha (犬夜叉, Dog Demon) is the main protagonist, as well as the title character, in the manga series InuYasha and its anime adaptation. The half-demon son of a great demon father, known as the Inu no Taishō, and a human mother named Izayoi; he was bound to a sacred tree by a magical arrow from the priestess Kikyō's bow while attempting to capture the Shikon Jewel. Inuyasha sought.

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon (半妖の夜叉姫 Hanyō no Yashahime) is a Japanese anime television series produced by Sunrise. It serves as a sequel to the InuYasha anime. It premiered in Japan on October 3, 2020. Most of the Vancouver-based voice actors reprise their roles. David Kaye also returned as Sesshomaru. 1 Cast 1.1 Episodic Characters 1.1.1 Additional Voices 2 Notes 3. Rakujitsu is my favorite Inuyasha character song. :) I love hearing Naraku sing. If you want I can add the lyrics to the song or I can just add the link to i.. Higurashi Kagome, after being pulled down a well by a demon, finds herself in Feudal Japan, where she learns that a powerful jewel has been reborn inside her body. After the jewel shatters in an attempt to retrieve it from one of the many demons who was after its power, Kagome must join forces with the half-demon Inuyasha (also after the jewel's power) to track down the shards of the jewel.

The beloved anime Inuyasha is with a new show centering around Inuyasha and Kagome's daughters! The new spin-off is called Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Inuyasha uses Tetsusaiga in a mighty show of power. History The main male protagonist, Inuyasha is a brave but naive half-demon, the result of a relationship between a powerful dog demon Daiyokai and a beautiful human princess. Orphaned at a young age, Inuyasha is rejected by humans because of his demon (yōkai) side and looked down upon by yōkai because his human blood supposedly taints his. Inuyasha is the titular male protagonist of the anime/manga series Inuyasha.He is an inu hanyō, son of the Inu no Taishō and human Izayoi. He was pinned to a sacred tree by a sacred sealing arrow shot by the priestess Kikyō after he attempted to steal the Shikon no Tama

Inuyasha Characters: Inuyasha - Inuyasha is a 200 year old half-demon who is the product of a human mother and a demon-dog father. His goal is to obtain the Shikon Jewel to become a full demon similar to Sesshomaru, his half—brother. Kagome Higurashi - Kagome is the narrator and protagonist of the Inuyasha series. She is a 15 year old. Kohaku. voiced by Alan Lee and 1 other. Hisui. voiced by Aleks Le and 1 other. Sesshomaru. voiced by David Kaye and 1 other. InuYasha. voiced by Richard Ian Cox and 1 other. Kagome Higurashi Quotes tagged as inuyasha Showing 1-30 of 43. Kaede: I know this, ungrateful dog. In order to find the sacred jewel shards, Kagome's spirtual power is essential. Yet ye made her upset with your words an sent her running home. InuYasha: That was her idea! she chose to go home 2 Inuyasha. I love Inuyasha for his wild personality, he is cute, funny, grumpy and have a good heart at the same time. He has the best character development and dynamic with his group. He is also a very engaging MC without a dule moment. Inuyasha is my top character because of his excellent character development InuYasha. From Drawn Feet Wiki. Jump to navigation Jump to search. File:Inuyasha Logo.png. Inuyasha is both the name of a series and of its star character, who is always barefoot. In it, there many barefoot scenes

A Part of the character cast from the anime InuYasha has already been entered into our database. You can support aniSearch by completing the cast or enhancing existing entries with further details. We have a special section for characters and a dedicated team for it, which will help you if the need arises One of the most anticipated anime series of the past year was Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, the sequel to the fantasy classic Inuyasha.The original series tells the story of modern-day highschooler Kagome, who befriends the half-demon Inuyasha after falling down the well at her family's shrine and traveling back to feudal-era Japan With the Inuyasha anime in its final season, it seems unlikely that any more new characters will be introduced to the story. This is probably a good thing because with over 170 episodes already and around 30 major and minor characters to keep track of, it's hard to remember them all and the stories behind them

Characters. You can browse this page to give you a list of Characters you can browse through and filter. A listing of all the characters in Naruto with articles on them in the Narutopedia. This is a very large category! To see more of it, click the links below for specific letters, or click the Next (or Prev) links Don't choose Naraku just because he's evil) who is your most hated character in this series? For the sake of the widest audience, please limit the character/reasons to the anime, and choose someone who isn't just a 1-2 episode character. I'll start to give an example: My least favorite character is probably Koga Inuyasha characters shrinking story. by IYSaotome. Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Fanfiction · # 1200111. Characters from the series Inuyasha shrink in size.. · , , Story Outline · Start at the Beginning. Recent Chapter Additions to this story... #: How far along in the line a chapter is.. In this post, I shall share who are the most powerful characters from Inuyasha and see what sets them apart from each other. In a story with supernatural creatures involving demons, exorcist, humans, and several entities from Japanese folklore, it's easy to conclude the Inuyasha is a fun Eastern-oriented anime that showcase the beautiful heritage of Japanese culture and beliefs

Get To Know more about Inuyasha - A Japanese Manga Series. Visit our website to know more about Inuyasha and her history, Facts & Characters Inuyasha loves Kikyo, and still does, but things get complicated when he starts to develop feelings of love for Kagome. He has mastered different abilities for his sword including the red tessaiga that can destroy barriers and also learning the backlash wave which hurls an opponents demonic energy right back at it InuYasha (2002 TV Show) InuYasha. Richard Ian Cox. Darren Pleavin. Kappei Yamaguchi. [Show Non-English Actors] [Hide Non-English Actors] Enzo Fortuny. Francesco Pezzulli Naraku is responsible for most of the characters' misfortunes, including the death of Kikyo, the sealing of Inuyasha to the sacred tree, Miroku's curse, and the death of Sango's family. Naraku was born from the fusion of Onigumo, a crippled human bandit tended by Kikyo, and a horde of weak demons When Inuyasha and his group noticed, Kanna used her mirror shadow attack to target Inuyasha and blast him until Inuyasha's sword, the Tetsaiga, would break. The Tetsuaiga would bounce the blasts into the mirror demon, causing Kanna's mid section to crack and chip away until Kagome forced her to close the hole by shooting an arrow at it

This HD wallpaper is about Anime, InuYasha, InuYasha (Character), Sesshōmaru (InuYasha), Original wallpaper dimensions is 1920x1080px, file size is 346.28K Inuyasha Kamisama Kiss; Main Characters' Traits. The main female character in Inuyasha is a middle-school student while the main male character is a demon. The female student accidentally stumbles into a fantastic world filled with creatures called yokai. In this new world, Kagome discovers powers that she never knew she had before Characters: Inuyasha: Growing up, Inuyasha had a difficult childhood. Being half human and half demon, he was ostracized from both worlds, never finding a place to fit in as a child. His father, a great dog demon lord, died when Inuyasha was born while his mother passed away early in his childhood. Although he has a half-brother, the full demon.

Inuyasha: Created by Rumiko Takahashi. With Kappei Yamaguchi, Richard Ian Cox, Darren Pleavin, Satsuki Yukino. A teenage girl periodically travels back in time to feudal Japan to help a young half-demon recover the shards of a jewel of great power InuYasha. Inuyasha is the main character of the game based on the manga and anime series. He is half demon and half human, with the strengths and weaknesses of both. Kagome Higurashi. Kagome is a young girl who goes on a adventure with Inuyasha to find all the pieces of the sacred jewel.. Voiced most times by Kelly Sheridan, Hōko Kuwashima. Images of the Sango voice actors from the InuYasha franchise

Sango. Sango. Sango is one of the more underrated characters of Inuyasha, but really, she's the best. She's a bad ass with muscle to make one drool, she's kind without being mushy, and she is chill enough to stick to her own business. Sang is a good friend, good consultant, and takes her responsibilities VERY seriously Awakened ATK 127 2975 +2848 HP 960 11393 +10433 DEF 60 392 +332 SPD 104 114 +10 Crit 10% 10% +0% Crit DMG 150% 150% +0% Effect HIT 0% 0% +0% Effect RES 0% 0% +0% Inuyasha wields his Tessaiga to attack a single target dealing damage equal to 100% of his attack, with a 10% chance of gaining a layer of Force of Wind after the attack. Gains a layer of Force of Wind at the his turn. Force of Wind. Rin-ne, or Kyōkai no Rinne (境界のRINNE) as it is known in Japan, is Rumiko Takahashi's eighth major manga series. Rin-ne is the story of Sakura Mamiya, a high school girl who can see spirits, and her classmate Rinne Rokudo, a high school boy of both human and Shinigami heritage. Rinne works as a Shinigami to guide souls with regrets in the living world to the Wheel of Reincarnation to be. Inuyasha Awakening is a brand new mobile gacha game by Indofun Games. Find out the best characters/partner in this Inuyasha Awakening Tier List The first thing you need to know is that partner or characters or heroes in Inuyasha Awakening is available in different-different grades and have different skills and strategic positions

Below is a List of Characters that have appeared in Hunter × Hunter. 1 Hunter Association 2 Whale Island 3 Kukuroo Mountain 4 Heavens Arena 5 Phantom Troupe 6 Kurta Clan 7 Mafia Community 8 Greed Island 9 NGL 10 Republic of East Gorteau 11 Chimera Ants 12 Chimera Ant Extermination Team 13 Moritonio Troupe 14 Other Characters Active/Alive • Deceased • Former • Unknown Status, or Non. Just For Fun Quiz / inuyasha characters Random Just For Fun Quiz Can you name the inuyasha characters? by narutofreak Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . Support Sporcle. Go Orange. Get the ad-free and most optimal, full-featured Sporcle experience.. Which Inuyasha Character are you? 3 Comments. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an anime character and who you would be? Well because I had to pick one anime, you have to be an inuyasha character but here is your chance! Just answer a few simple questions and get an answer! Even if you havent, it would still be fun! try this quiz Zerochan has 342 InuYasha (Character) anime images, wallpapers, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, cosplay pictures, screenshots, facebook covers, and many more in its gallery. InuYasha (Character) is a character from InuYasha

The show has many solid connections to Inuyasha, so there are plenty of other familiar characters from the first series that either are a major part of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon or simply. Inuyasha Character 4 from 61 votes. 94,218 visitors' top results Created June 2000. A SelectSmart.com Selector by keiko This selector will determine what character from Rumiko Takahashi's Inuyasha you are most similar to Can you name the can you name the Inuyasha characters? by allissa_758 Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . How to Play. Support Sporcle. Go Orange. Get the ad-free and most optimal, full-featured Sporcle experience.. This is the 3rd CD of the Inuyasha Character Single series. The series includes songs that were created for each of the main characters from the anime series Inuyasha, and performed by the original Japanese voice actors (seiyus) for the series. V.3 is for the character Sesshomaru. (V.1 Inuyasha - performed by Kappei Yamaguchi

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A community for collaborative character creation and trading, worldbuilding and roleplay. Check out Inuyasha Character Sheet from DerpyDinoJay@TH! Inuyasha Character Sheet on Toyhous InuYasha the Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler: Directed by Toshiya Shinohara. With Kappei Yamaguchi, Satsuki Yukino, Kôji Tsujitani, Houko Kuwashima. The legendary sword, So'unga, which belonged to the Great Dog Demon, has been unleashed. It seeks to cover the Earth in an eternal Hell and end all life on it. Inuyasha must join forces with his hateful brother, Sesshoumaru, and put an end. Learn how to draw and sketch Manga InuYasha Characters and create great cartoons, illustrations and drawings with these free drawing lessons. How to Draw Inuyasha with Step by Step Drawing Lesson Today, we will show you how to draw InuYasha, the main character and protagonist of the series, Inuyasha inuyasha character quiz. 9 Comments. This quiz is just another ordinary quiz to determine which inuyasha character you are. This quiz is acurate and a little annoying and the answer options are somewhat amusing towards the end

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22 idées de Inuyasha Characters | anime, anime mangas, dessin Hi ! Today here is the father of Inuyasha and Sesshomaru, the Daiyoukai considered as the stronger of his time and named : Inu no Taisho inuyashaのエロ同人誌が無料オンラインで読む!inuyashaの無料エロ漫画 ダウンロード!160冊-1ページ目。inuyashaのC97のえろ漫画、inuyashaのexhentaiえろまんが、無料漫画、エロマンガ、同人あっぷっぷ

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